7 Ways to Save on Groceries

Published on Bankrate.com
Supermarket savings

Food is expensive these days, so grocery shoppers must be diligent in looking for bargains. To help, Bankrate has compiled a few tips from experts on how to save money on groceries, no matter where you shop.

First off, know your store’s sale cycle.

“Almost everything in the grocery store follows a six-week sales cycle,” says Vince Russo, CEO of Keycode.com, a promotion code aggregate website. “If something is at its lowest price this week, it will probably be at its lowest price again in another six weeks. Buy enough now to get you to the next sale and you won’t ever have to pay full price for that item again.”


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Best ETFs For An Early Retirement

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are a good way to build a retirement portfolio. They are low-cost, provide plenty of diversification because they track specific indexes and they provide certain tax benefits. Folks looking to retire early, or at least with a solid portfolio, can use ETFs as one of their building blocks.

You'll need to start saving early in order to have enough funds to accommodate your desired lifestyle after retirement, and the earlier the better. Since stocks drive a portfolio and bonds provide security, when you begin building your retirement portfolio it should consist primarily of stocks, and later on, as you are approaching retirement it should include bonds.